These Older Celebrities Are Still Alike and Kicking Hard

Meredith Baxter – 74-Years-Old, $7 Million Net Worth

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Actress Meredith Baxter received her first big break on the CBS sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie, where she met her future husband, actor David Birney. Even though the show only lasted one season, it was enough for Baxter to leave a mark on the audience. The star then went on to star in many other hit shows and movies, including Family Ties, her biggest hit to date, and All the President’s Men.

In 1999, Baxter proved her love of acting, as she remained working through a breast cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, she came out clear on the other side, just a few years later. These days, Baxter continues to act and has a net worth of $7 million.

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